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The Healing House

This article is sponsored by United Madison.

Imagine, a pregnant homeless woman gives birth and is discharged with her newborn baby as she is still healing from birth.  Where does she go?  If she’s lucky, she can go to the shelter for the night, or now to the Beacon, the new homeless day center during the day although some end up staying in their car if they have one (starting it every once in a while to stay warm) or maybe the streets.

We would hope that all new moms would have a warm place to go to snuggle and feed her new baby as she gazes into its eyes with her greatest concern might be how much sleep she will get.  When you are a new mom without a home, priorities shift into simply surviving and trying to maintain your own health – and your baby’s.

This is all about to change thanks to the Healing House.  Healing House, part of Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM), is going to be a place a homeless child, new mother and their family can go to heal after surgery or birth. They are set to open in the next few months and are getting closer to the start of renovation.  While they are serving homeless people in the interim through partnerships such as The Road Home, thanks to the generosity of First Congregational UCC, the Healing House will be opening at 303 Lathrup Street in Madison. It will be an 8 bed facility, providing 24/7 recuperative care by medically trained staff and volunteers for families for up to 28 days. The Healing House will provide clients with three meals a day, child care assistance and case management to end the cycle of homelessness and help give them a brighter future.

Associated Physicians in Madison is focused on the well-being of everyone in our community, so when they heard about the plans for the Healing House to open through United Madison, they wanted to get behind it.  United Madison’s mission is to bring our community together and help us to better understand and learn from each other.  They do this through Positive Service Announcements on Unity, Life Skills or to Highlight a Charity or Cause and by helping match the needs of a charity with a business who can help fulfill these needs.  When they approached Associated Physicians about becoming a business partner, they were presented with several non-profits to choose from and asked their staff to vote.  Healing House was the chosen charity because, as health care providers, they know this is a problem that needs to be solved.

Learn more about the Healing House by watching this video:  A Place to Recuperate

Associated Physicians looks forward to “Adopting the Healing House” to support their efforts – they started with a campaign through United Madison and will be providing volunteers and staff once the Healing House opens and help fulfill whatever needs arise  — – it’s that important.

Please help make the Healing House a reality by making a donation to www.healinghousemadison.com.