Promote your organization to several thousand customers in just two days. Well Expo is an ideal venue for developing personal relationships that strengthen customer loyalty far more than phone conversations or e-mail campaigns.

A limited number of organizations from each category will be accepted, increasing the value of your investment.

Please feel free to share the free ticket link with your customers for complimentary tickets to the event!

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Benefits of Exhibiting at the WELL Expo

  • Strong marketing campaign including radio, TV, print advertising, outdoor advertising and social media.
  • Free Ticket Link for customers ($5 ticket value).
  • Support local charities and Madison community.
  • Speak directly to interested clientele.
  • Sell times on site; offer “cash and carry”.
  • Networking opportunities with other exhibiting organizations and sponsors.
  • Only exhibitors will be considered for presentation time slots.


Booth Options

  • Single booth: $600 ($525 by Aug 1, 2017)
  • Lakeside Commons: $675 (Only 12 spots available; these spots are guaranteed the most traffic flow.)
  • Exhibition Hall Corner Booth: $675
  • Preferred Booth Entrance Wall: $675
  • Double Booth $895.00
  • Triple Booth $1595.00
  • Quad Booth $1895.00
  • Optional Electricity $80.00

Every Booth Includes:

  • 10 x 10 booth with 2 chairs and an 8-foot skirted table
  • Booth sign
  • Listing on Expo web site
  • Pipe and drape surrounding booth space
  • Easy and convenient load in/out
  • Free Wifi
  • Electricity (Optional)


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