Pinpoint Diagnostic Soundwaves Imaging, LLC
Address: 725 Heartland Trails ste. 205, Madison, WI. 53717

Pinpoint Diagnostic Soundwaves Imaging is a low-cost diagnostic ultrasound service that provides ultrasound imaging at an affordable price for families & individuals.Our goal is to empower individuals with the choice to choose their care and cost and give them  peace of mind when it comes to what they pay for these services. After having a patient refuse to have an ultrasound exam done at the hospital because of affordability, Alex decided to open PDSI to help the under serve in the community have access to affordable diagnostic ultrasound services.

Ultrasound can be used for many other things besides babies. There is no radiation involved making it safer than a CT or X-ray. Ultrasound can be done to help diagnose complications with pain associated with the abdomen, leg, arm, neck, back and many other areas. Our clients get a copy of their ultrasound images and finalized report that they can take with them to their provider. If you or someone you know is having pain. Call now and schedule an ultrasound to help diagnose your pain.

Advocate MD
Nicole Hemkes

Our priority is putting our patients first.  We believe that insurance companies and healthcare administrators interfere with the patient-doctor relationship, undervalue quality of care, and increase costs.  We believe that healthcare can be better.  We are passionate about the challenge of constantly striving to improve the care of our patients.  Our patients are happier, healthier, and save money compared to the traditional fee-for-service system.

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